As a multigenerational family farm, it is imperative to conduct business with the thought of sustainability in the decision-making process.  As farmers we rely on the biodiversity in our soils and crop lands to help orchestrate perfect living conditions for the crops we bring to market.  We rely heavily on beneficial insects, fungi, and microorganisms to build our soil and decrease pest population.  Every field input, whether it be organic or conventional, is applied with intended purpose in amounts that are deemed necessary with the full effects realized. 

Salmon Safe

Perrault Farms is a proud Salmon Safe certified farm. In taking part in this program we have agreed to mitigate chemical use as part of an integrated pest management program all while maintaining biodiversity in our fields.  We rely on chemistries that are deemed environmentally sound by the respected Salmon Safe organization.

Global Gap

Perrault Farms Hops and Organic Blueberries have been GlobalGap Certified since 2015.  In 2019 Perrault Farms has elected to be an “unannounced audit” grower, whereas our third-party audits will be spontaneous. This ensures our food safety practices will always be in place. 

Yakima Chief Hops

Perrault Farms is one of the first, or three Yakima Chief Hops growers to actively participate in a pilot life cycle assessment. In 2018 we started within the pilot program to help develop metrics by which the impacts of our hop production could be measured in terms of a life cycle analysis.  We’re continuing with an annual life cycle assessment with YCH Hops so our life cycle inventory analysis can be interpreted historically.  This will further the goal of management decisions being based on creating efficiencies within the business, while decreasing environmental impact. 

As farmers we rely heavily on the use of water.  In the mid-1990’s Perrault was one of the pioneering farms that transitioned irrigation practices from standard furrow irrigation methods to the current drip irrigation method.  This ambitious endeavor has yielded great benefits in water savings throughout the years.  It’s estimated we use 45% less water by utilizing drip irrigation over furrow irrigation.  It also enabled Perrault Farms to decrease field tillage as weed pressure decreased as a result.  We continue the pursuit of reducing water footprint by testing new soil moisture meter technologies and irrigation pulse technologies that will further reduce water waste and nutrient leaching.

At Perrault Farms we believe employees are our greatest resource.  During the spring growing season Perrault Farms employs 300 – 350 employees in preparing our hops to be affixed to the string.  Perrault Farms has implemented a devoted human resource department, in which unique focus can be made on professional development and a contented workforce.  Furthermore, Perrault Farms has been working with University of Washington’s Coalition to Prevent Sexual Harassment in Agriculture in developing training material geared for agriculture employers to prevent workplace harassment.  Perrault Farms makes great effort to ensure we’re providing a clean and safe working environment for all employees.

In investing in these sustainability efforts, we hope future Perrault Farms employees will enjoy the gratification of growing high-quality hops, while future consumers will be enjoying the unmistakable quality of your beer.